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Acces FL Ramp
The Acces FL Ramp is a hand operated  durable aluminium folding ramp for mini busses and minivans.
The ramp is available in:
Length 210, 250 and 280 cm, width 86 cm.
Length 280 cm, width 97 cm.
The unique profile platform construction makes the ramp more rigid preventing groove formation.
Sturdy profiled platform design which still lets snow, rain and dirt through. The ramp has an auto lock mechanism for easy operation. With M1 testing, guaranteed safety at a car crash.

Optional available:
Quick lock system
Turning device (in and out)
HD kit
600 Kg load upgrade kit
Bump stop close kit

Operation of the Acces FL Ramp is very easy. The auto lock will lock and un-Lock the ramp automatically.

M1 Tested:
The ramp is M1 tested. The stable feet assembly makes it possible without straps to the door post
M1 testing video

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