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Schnierle is a German manufacturer of mainly M1 seats and complementary systems.
They build a wide range of M1 seats, feet systems, wheelchair restrains systems and floor systems.
Acdeos is Agent for Schnierle in the Benelux.

Rail-In M1

Simple aluminium plate addapter suitable for M1-seats and restraint systems.

Easy to mound in most Van and minibuses.

Areas of use:

  • Passenger seating in minibuses and vans

  • Motorhomes

  • Emergency vehicles

  • Ambulances

  • Disabled transport vehicles

  • Military vehicles

  • Police and emergency vehicles

TÜV tested M1

The versatile wheel-arch system allows safe mounting of our TAF seating systems. Timeless design coupled with a flexible use for several vehicles in the area of minibuses, vans, transport for the disabled as well as ambulances and patient transport
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