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Handi Floor
Handicare Auto Products has floor solutions for all types of vehicles, where passenger seats are needed.
What characterizes all our floor options is easy mounting, high quality and that it can be tailored for any installation in a wide range of vehicles.
Furthermore, our HandiFloor has been tested according to the European directives ECE R14  – including the ISO 10542 standard for wheelchair restraint systems.

Plenty Of Opportunities

  • Handi Floor™ comes with a large variety of accessories that allows for various setups.

  • You can order predefined layouts for all common vehicles directly from us.

  • A non-toxic, single-component adhesive applied directly onto the degreased vehicle bottom provides an easy and flexible installation of the floor profiles.

  • The degreaser can be non-toxic - simple alcohol will do just fine.

  • Rubber seal prevents dirt in the rails.

  • Extra deep rails prevent dirt from becoming an obstacle for your rearrangement of the seats.

  • Sliders make any seat installation fast and flexible. Columns and cross members will never interfere with your preferred seating layout.

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