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Handi Floor


The Handi Floor has a high degree of flexibility. This allows you to change the layout on the spot. Handi Floor is very easy to install. When you become good at it, just one person can lay the floor in a few hours depending on layout and vehicle model. The profiles are only 25 mm high – the lowest in the market – which ensures a maximum internal roof height in your vehicle. M1 and M2 approved with a wide range of seats from different manufacturers. The ideal solution for any application where flexibility and/or reliability are key issues. Perfect for M1 and M2 minibuses, ambulances, prisoner transportation vehicles, etc.

Plenty Of Opportunities

  • Handi Floor™ comes with a large variety of accessories that allows for various setups.

  • You can order predefined layouts for all common vehicles directly from us.

  • A non-toxic, single-component adhesive applied directly onto the degreased vehicle bottom provides an easy and flexible installation of the floor profiles.

  • The degreaser can be non-toxic - simple alcohol will do just fine.

  • Rubber seal prevents dirt in the rails.

  • Extra deep rails prevent dirt from becoming an obstacle for your rearrangement of the seats.

  • Sliders make any seat installation fast and flexible. Columns and cross members will never interfere with your preferred seating layout.

As a modular construction system, it is easy for any vehicle conversion body builder to make up different design configurations.

The floor layout is not final determined until the floor has been glued onto the vehicle floor and bolted at the very end of each rail. Up until then, the layout of the rails in the floor can be changed, to suit your requirements for seating flexibility.
And for those converting your vehicle, we have ensure that their physical health is not harmed due to toxic substances in the gluing process of the floor. Using ordinary spirits to degrease the surfaces and water based glues to bond the floor to the original vehicle floor, the ones to install the floor in your vehicle are not exposed to any harmful substrates at all.

Another important parameter is the depth of the rails. In other floor rail systems for minibuses, gravel and dirt in the rails is a major problem, when you wish to take out your seats.

The seats get stuck in the rails due to the dirt. But not with Handi Floor. Out rails are deeper. Much deeper. Alowing dirt and gravel to penetrate even further down into the rail so that it will not become an obstacle.

And still the rails are easy to clean with a brush or a vacuum cleaner. Handi Floor is approved by TÜV Rheinland, DTC Switzerland and RDW Holland to be installed in most of the vehicles used for wheelchair passenger transportation today.

Handi Floor is suitable not only for mini buses, but also for double cabins and prisoner transportation vehicles. Approved with a minimum length of 1000-1250 mm, depending on vehicle model, the Handi Floor can find its way into a wide variety of conversions.
Even if you do not need to be able to take out your seats or bring along wheelchair passengers, the Handi Floor aluminium floor can be of great advantage to you. With the plain rail profiles, you can have fixated seats in your mini bus, without the need to drill several holes in the original vehicle floor.

For a 16 seat minibus, 64 drilled holes are normally necessary for the installation. With Handi Floor only 6-8 holes are nessecary! The seats are simply secured into some sliders, which are slided into the plain rails. The rails can afterwards be covered with a rubber profile, so you won't notice it.

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