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Acdeos is a independend supplier of accessibility product for vehicles
Our goal is to make transport accessible with practical solutions.
Our simple and reliable products make minibusses, taxi's and private vehicles accessible for wheelchairs users.
With simple solutions we offer people new opportunities, freedom and interpendency.
Our current  product range consist:
  • Electric Side door steps
  • Fixed Side door steps
  • Aluminium rear door ramps FL range
  • Manual and electric Side door ramps SE range
In the Benelux Acdeos is agent for:
Handimobile / Auto Products DK
  • Handi Floor system
  • Handi Lift  
  • Handi Hatch / Rear door openers
  • Handi Products
Hermann Schnierle DE
  • M1 Seats program
  • M1 Floor program
  • Quick Secure wheelchair restraint systems
Mobility Networks UK
  • iCLASS Lifts
  • ACCESS Casette lifts
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Touwbaan 1A
2352 CZ Leiderdorp
The Netherlands
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