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Schnierle is a producer of mainly M1 seats and complementary systems.
They build a wide range of M1 seats and feet systems.
Additionally available are wheelchair restrains systems and floor systems.
Acdeos is Agent for Schnierle in the Netherlands

for all Quick Secure parts we offer:

  • retractor toothed wheels with 24 teeth + excellent tensioning + safety

  • Metal housing for retractors

  • Belt locks from automotive sector large-scale series production (Honda)

  • Series production with automatical sewing machines

  • Due to aluminium system floor, tested for all common van types, optional use with seats

  • Constant production monitoring with in-house tension test unit

  • Up to 70 percent more tensile strength

Quick Secure
Type: Airline kit


  • 4 retractors with Airline feet. •

  • 1 Lapbelt •

Quick Secure Airline kit

Quick Secure
Type: Quick conect kit

4 retractors with Quick conect feet.
1 Lapbelt

wheelchaier restrain system

Quick Secure
Tyep: Electro / quick conect kit

2 retractors with Quick conect feet.
2 retractors with Elctro lock.
1 Lapbelt

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